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Turbine Aircraft Maintenance, Overhaul & Restoration
Thornton Aircraft Company is an FAA authorized repair station presently certified to accomplish repairs on Falcon, Lear Jet, Saberliner and similar aircraft. In addition, the company is experienced in a wide variety of corporate aircraft, including King Airs, Metroliners, Citations, Hawkers and Gulfstreams
We are authorized to remove and replace CJ610, JT12, JT15D and TFE731 engines, components and accessories. Hot section inspections can be performed on CJ610 and J-85 series engines.
Finally, Thornton Aircraft Company is authorized under our repair station certificate to perform maintenance, overhaul and alteration of experimental category aircraft. Such aircraft are principally U.S. military type turbine powered aircraft, including F-5, T-38, F-86, T-33 and S211.
For more information, please contact:

Steve Zimmerman
(818) 787-0205

E-mail: steve@thorntonaircraft.com