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In addition to maintenance and support of corporate aircraft, Thornton Aircraft Company has specialized in the restoration, sale and maintenance of Northrop T-38 and F-5 aircraft, and has operated these aircraft for research and development services and motion picture and television productions for many years.
We currently have one aircraft in stock awaiting restoration. Details of this aircraft available for sale are as follows:
T-38A, N338TC

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Mfg. Serial No: 5301     USAF Serial No: 61-935

Airframe Time: 7000 TTSN
Engine Times: 3351 TTSN, 3061 TTSN

A complete aircraft ready for restoration
to the customer's specifications.

Both the F-5 and T-38 offer superb performance, excellent flight characteristics, and unmatched safety records in military service. While there is a high level of commonality between these aircraft, the F-5 has a drag chute, large power disk brakes and provision for external fuel. On the other hand, the T-38 is lighter and has somewhat higher performance than the F-5. The range of the T-38 at 650NM is the same as that of the F-5 in the clean (tip tanks) configuration. However, the range of the F-5 can be extended to 750NM with the addition of an external centerline fuel tank. Take-off and landing performance of the F-5 is superior to that of the T-38 due to the drag chute and larger wheels and brakes of the F-5. In addition, the F-5 exhibits less buffet in the traffic pattern due to its leading edge flaps.
The aircraft which we have restored to date were built to U.S. Air Force standards with all components overhauled and certified and all safety of flight TCTO's (service bulletins) complied with except as noted. Electronics included standard T-38 five inch electromechanical instrumentation with Flight Director and Collins Proline radios. EFIS and digital electronics can be added at additional cost. These aircraft were mechanically and cosmetically without peer. Our first completed aircraft was awarded "Grand Champion Warbird" at Oshkosh in 1985. T-38 and F-5 aircraft overhauled by Thornton Aircraft Company have proven to be the safest, most reliable and supportable military aircraft available to civilian owners.
Buyers of these aircraft can look forward to an unmatched standard of mechanical and technical after-sales support. Our mechanics are thoroughly familiar with these aircraft and have a complete technical library to back them up. In addition, training of customer maintenance personnel can be arranged for as well as procurement of required maintenance support equipment. Thornton Aircraft Company maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts and component assemblies. Rotable parts can generally be supplied on an overhaul exchange basis.
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Rob McGregor